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Sao Francis Xavier Hymn

Sao Francis Xavier Hymn

Sao Francis Xavier Hymn, The hymns we Goans grew up on, Our faith in him undiminished, here the Italians sing our hymn in konkani, very touching

hymn lyrics with translation, vid will load in few secs vers 2.0


Sam Francis Xaviera, Vodda Kunvra

vodda kunvra

Raat dis amchea mogan lastolea

St. Francis, the great nobleman, day and night in love with us

Besanv ghal Saiba sharar Goyenchea

Bless Our Little land Goa

Samballun sodankal gopant tujea

Always hold her in your embrace

Beporva korun sonvsarachi

with contempt for the world

Devachi tunven keli chakri

You served God instead

Ami somest magtanv mozot tuzi,

We, the people pray for your aid

Kortai mhonn milagrir, milagri

and understand you work miracles after miracles

Aiz ani sodam, amchi khatir

today and always for our sake

Vinoti kor tum Deva lagim

Intercede for us, in God's presence

Jezu sarkem zaum jivit amchem,

that our lives become like Our Lord Jesus

Ami pavo-sor tuje sorxi

till we reach besides you


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