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Sao Francisku Xaviera -Askarea Goemkaramchea

Sao Francisku  Xaviera

Sao Francisku Xaviera (protector of Goa) a solemn hymn with heartfelt dedication to Our Goencho Saib ( Lord Of Goa) our constant and our dear companion in our earthily sojourn. credit: Placido Rodrigues

hymn lyrics with translation for global audience, vid link will load in few secs.



Sao Francisku Xaviera

Saint Francis Xavier

Askarea Goemkaramchea

the Protector Of Goa

Amchea mogan tum lastelea *2

inflamed with love for us

Sodanch Rau amchea sangata

always remains in our midst

Female solo

Chol'loi Jezuchea panvllanim

He walked in the path Of Our Lord Jesus

Vaurun Sabar missanvanim

he toiled in many missions

Jieun Sopurn bhoktiponnim

you died in holiness

Tujech pattlean choltaum ami

In your footsteps we follow


Male Solo

Ami vattsur poin hem choltaum

We look ahead and follow the path

Tufanak sampddun akantaum

lost in the storm in distress

Tuji mozot ami magtaum

your help we seek

Sambhall amcho desh ani ganv

Guard our country and our city




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