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 Goa is  a resort state in India, with an interesting and fascinating  history.  Through its long arc of history it has been under influence and control of various powers, principalities,empires   and from 1510 under European power and this led to an amalgam of culture, songs, music and dances. 

It reflects in its architecture of its Churches, temples , homes, villas and cottages  which permeates tranquil ambience to the place which  has attracted millions of tourist both foreign and domestic

This historic tapestry of ebb and flow sought to mold this  amalgam into uniqueness of identity  keeping its deep seated  roots intertwined with various races and culture which swept on its shores and ports through its long coast line hugging the Arabian Sea  adorned with  numerous exotic beaches and its hinterland, a cascade of mountain range, The Sahyadri with a gift of necklace of waterfall for Goa, The Dudhsagar.  

The Innate pioneering spirit of its people were never to be enslaved  by the past or shackled by its traditions but free to evolve and experiment and form a new tapestry its own, more harmonious and endearing than before which  I would like to share with you-- its unique culture and its diadem of manifestation in songs, dances and its ever evolving customs, traditions,, architecture and culinary delights  thanks for dropping by...

This site is dedicated to St. Joseph Vaz (picture right), from Goa who was canonized recently and now the Apostle of Sri Lanka, formerly Ceylon.

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