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Playlist Goan Live Bands, view/ listen at your leisure 

We have compiled a list of at Goan Live Bands  for your listening viewing pleasure, without any interruption and ad free. Just play and  forget it and you have a continous stream of Goan Live bands  play one after other, vid will load in few secs 


For Playlist, vids click on the upper right hand corner bars

 Credit and courtesy to the following Artists/Producers:: 

                                 lyrics/translations  use search tool above

1   Kedna  - Lynx Band Of the Sand Goa 

2    Goan Mando Masala Shine On The Band 

3    Live At Yaki Zushi - Double R Goan Band 

4    Sopnam Black In White band 

5    Live at Spirit Of Goa Black Sapphire  - Alison Gonsalves

6     Live At Sea Shells  Easter -Double R Goa

7     Kazarache Utor/ Tum Mojem Sukh-- Black Sapphire- Alison              Gonsalves 

8     Title/ Dear Future Husband/ games people play Double R Goa

9      Carnival -Samba Square  Uzo Band - M. Bandodkar

10     Lady From Goa Alfred Rose Cover - Mark Revlon

11.    To Love somebody -- Double R band  

12    Celina Alfred Rose Cover- Black In White 

13     Red Rose / Kalliz Boom Bang Zata - The 7 Notes Band          14     Mapusa Carnival -- Double R Band  

15      Goa Rocks - Double R Band  

16.     "Don't go yet" Camila cabello Alcatrazz Goan Band  

17.    Spanish Eyes - Mark Revlon Band  

18.    Dance With me -- Take Five band 

19.   Goan Masala - Goan Band Uzo

20.   Goan wedding Reel Alctrazz Goa 

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