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Playlist Goan Hymns or Devotionals, vid will load in few secs

We have compiled the latest Goan hymns or devotionals for your listening pleasure, without any interruption and ad free. Just play and  forget it and you have hours of the latest songs play one after other 

For Playlist, vids click on the upper right hand corner bars

 Credit and courtesy to the following Artists/Producers:: 

                                 lyrics/translations  use search tool above

1 . Maie kaklutin ge bhorlole by Sheena Gracias

2   Mhojea devak  argam andrew Ferrrao, valerie fernandes 

3    Mhojea deva  tum Sorv Boro andrew ferroa Alacoque Morenas

4    Martyrinchi Ranni  Ivor D'Cunha

5    St. Joseph Vaz ANthony Miranda

6    St Juze Vaz Donita & Sharon

7    Sant Francis Xavier Sheena Gracia, Lenoy Fernandes

8    Tujea hatant mhozo hat by Aradhon

9    Ruzari Saibinni Aradhon

10.  Somia Kallzant Mhojea ailai Aradhon

11   Pav Maie Nia & Tatum

12   Mari Matek Ballok Zala Aradhon

13    Mog Amkam goyencho saibacho  Mark Revlon

14    kaklutin ge Bhorlele Andrew ferrao , Alacoque Morenas

15    O Sanctisissma Aradhon 

16.   St Francis Xavier Thereza Pereira   

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