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Tuji Povitrtai ( Your Holiness)

Tuji Povitrtai

Tuji Povitrtai ( Your Holiness) A devout hymn in Konkani for forgiveness for our ingratitude for all He has done for us, His everlasting love that holds us. Gaionancho Jhelo credit : AuGrace Presentation, vocalist: Gracy Rodrigues.

Hymn lyrics with English translation for global audience, vid will load in few secs.


Tuji Povitrtai suria vori fankta

Your Holiness, shines like the sun


Tori hanvem Tuka okman kelo, Deva

If I have offended you, my God,

Bhogôs mhaka, Saiba

forgive me, my Lord

Tuji ut’tom Thorai Mollba poros unchli

Your pure grandeur is higher than the sky


Tuji omit Podvi Moddam lharam sarki

Your great Power, is like storm and waves


Tuji onont Zanvnvai thav-naslolo sagôr

Your glorious wisdom, is like the bottomless ocean


Tuzo oprimit Môg sasnnak zollto uzo

Your infinite love eternal, is unquenching fire


Tuji Povitrtai Mhaka favo kel’lii

Your Holiness, was destined for me


Tujea sasnnik Mogan mhaka Tum vengoitai

in your everlasting love, You embrace me,



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