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Tarka ie Vegin Vegin (Savior, come soon)

Tarka ie Vegin Vegin

Tarka ie Vegin Vegin ( Savior come soon) that echoes

in churches during the advent season.

to begin our new life, a life eternal. vocalist: Swizel Meva

Credit : Fr Nelson Lobo.

hymn lyrics with English translation for Global audience, vid will load in few secs.


Tarka, ie vegin, vegin

O Saviour, come soon,

Mollbaveli utrun xim’ !

Crossing the borders of the firmament !

Kallkantulim kaddunk amkam,

To deliver us from the darkness,

uzvaddantu haddunk amkam,

to bring us into light,

amchim patkam utrun altôdd,

leaving our sins on this side of the river,

sasnnik jinnê dakhounk poltôdd.

to show eternal life on the opposite shore.


Amam-soglleank korunk mekllim

To make all of us free,

devcharachea fasantulim,

from the clutches of the devil,

jinnechem dar korunk ugtem,

to open the door of life,

diunk amkam jivit novem.

to give us a new life.



Khorea Sota-khobor diunk,

To give us the word of truth,

Jivitacho rosto dakhounk,

To put us on the right path of light,

amkam Deva-ollokh vanttcheak,

to spread the knowledge of God amongst us,

Tachi priti kollit korcheak.

to make known his affection.


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