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 We Offer:

We offer an exclusive, secluded and a quiet place to enjoy at your leisure, some of the best  remote content and its compilation

in its artistic form  in songs,

dances, music and also culinary

delights of our land, leading

to enhanced dissemination,

 along with the lyrics and 

translations whenever possible,

solely intended for global 

audience  unfamiliar with our 

native language  nurturing 

a larger audience and adding

value to the original creators

or publishers, as always updated every week, we have included a state of the Art search tool, to access content in an instant and at your fingetips, with a key word or the  title.

 We will be  also adding  a souvenir cart for handicrafts  items, which once ordered will be shipped to  you directly.

We also have included a  24/7  real time weather update  with 3 day forecast for Goa, inclusive of wind speed, visibility and humidity.

A  onsite currency calculator which provides a real time data on currency with  4 default currencies, which you can modify to include your own country currency, if it is not displayed.

A flight scanner which scans for flights to and from Goa with  Skyscanner.

And so often, your valuable time  online is  ill served and mired and squandered  in  useless pursuits which leaves you more tired and agitated.


Here, we respect your privacy, peace of mind  and need for focussed Goa related remote content with emphasis on culture in  one place and we'll  be more than happy too, if you could suggest or provide us link to your favorite choices or vids snippets to be added to our site, at our discretion.

We have also incorporated Playlist, a continuous stream of Goan songs, hymns', music and cuisine without interruption and ad free.  It is our most popular location on site and highly recommended. We'll  be delighted, if you can suggest or provide us your own list which we can highlight and embed it on the site separately, just for you.


 At the outset, we  do not download or upload  any content of original creators, artists, publishers.  We embed remote link snippets which are  accessible to the public on the mega platform, YouTube for diffusion or content of other website  which appear on our site but of remote nature. We use it for information, education, review, comment  or for transformative purpose, facilitating the global reach of our native language, more details in our  disclaimer below.

You can also  register free as a site member, with our login icon above,  as a site member, you can create  your  own public profile, post vids, images or text with our upload, embed tool  at no cost . At present, we have a free subscription, with no restriction on content.

We hope you enjoy your time spent with us, we also have feedback page to sound us out.


Thank you!!!

Goa beach aerial view
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