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 We Offer:

We offer an exclusive, secluded and a quiet place to enjoy at your leisure, some of the best content and its compilation

in its artistic form  in songs,

dances, music and also culinary

delights of our land. Along with,

the lyrics and  translations

whenever possible. Always

updated every week. We have

included a state of the Art

Search tool, to access content

in an instant and at your

fingetips, with a key word or

the title. We will be  also adding  a souvenir cart for handicrafts  items, which once ordered will be shipped to  you directly.

 It is well known, the algorithms of Google or even YouTube are heavily dispersed and often obscured by distraction of irrelevant  or unrelated content, sometimes even dead links, searches.

And further, it is drowned by  gross advertisements and their clamor to draw your attention away.

And so often, your valuable time  online is  ill served and mired and squandered  in  useless pursuits which leaves you more tired and agitated.


Here, we respect your privacy, peace of mind  and we'll  be more than happy too, if you could suggest or provide us link to your favorite choices or vids to be added to our site, at our discretion.

We hope you enjoy your time spent with us, we also have feedback page to sounds us out.


You can also  register free as a site member, with our login icon above,  as a site member, you can create  your  own public profile, post vids, images or text with our upload, embed tool  at no cost for example - link . At present, we have a free subscription, with no restriction on content.


Thank you!!!

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