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Store Information:

We are excited to launch our most awaited online store, which is fully functional and ready to accept your online orders.

Please note, we do not store any inventory but route your order to established and reputed supply chains, warehouses in close proximity to your location. they will in turn ship and deliver to you in an orderly manner. 

 Its also popularly known as drop shipping, which has gained immense usage among the online retailers around the world. This  leaves the  Online retailers as the front-end in customer interactions,with ample time to focus in providing you the utmost customer satisfaction and guarantee and confidence in shopping online.   

We, at Goan Beacon research, procure and collate exclusive products and in demand items and list it on our site,  so the buyer is aware of the latest trend and innovation in the market.  

We also  provide assurance and guarantee that product ordered will be delivered as  expected  which is normally 4-5 days. We have been associated with Paypal Inc for the past 20 years, for  payment service on platforms like Ebay and other sites, including ours and in good standing and their dispute resolution is hassle free, prompt and timely.

In case of any adverse issues with regarding your product or the item ordered, please keep as informed. we will guide you in proper steps on returning the items and the refunds of your items . please follow this guidelines 

We  follow a 14-day return policy for undamaged / unworn goods. This means the item must be returned to  our supplier  within 14 days of the time, when  it is received by you.

In general, you are responsible for the shipping cost of the return. 

When you request a return from our site, we'll email you the  correct address of our supplier which the supplier has already provided the return address in the package to return the item directly back to the supplier (suggested, due to speed),  where you would be responsible for the return. 
Please follow the below steps to complete a return:

you (buyer) messages us or Supplier to confirm correct return address

Customer sends product back to  our supplier within 14 days

 Our Supplier receives product in good condition.
On verification we'll issue you the refund via paypal.


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