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Kall Ho Khuxalkayecho

Kall Ho Khuxalkayecho

Kall Ho Khuxalkayecho (this the season for joy) .. cause our savior was born, who redeemed the world of its frailties of life, to an eternal disposition, for all those who believe. cherubic voices pour out from our little ones to sing the praises .."out of the mouth of the babes, He perfected praise.."

credit : Fr. Myron Jeson Barreto and his angelic Choir

snippets of Konkani carol with translation for global audience, vid will load in few secs


Jezu amchea moga passot zolmola

Lord Jesus was born for love of us

bapacho mog amka ugto kella

He opened Our Heavenly Father's love for us

sorvoneacho sorvespor porgott zalla

the saviour of the world proclaimed

munskul devan mogan vadla

the humankind has grown in God's love


kall ho khuxal kayecho

its the season of happiness

jezu christa zolmacho

birth of our Lord Jesus Christ

vell ho amka anandacho

time for our joy and peace

santosan sangatam monovpacho

to celebrate together in goodwill

Marie vorvim jezu sonvasaran ailo

through Mother Mary he came into this world

bethlemen sogglo uzvadd fankllo

in Bethlehem the light shone

munshia mogan jezu munis zallo

for Love of men he became man

gorvaneanim Jezu nomoskar kello

the Shepherds knelt before Jesus in adoration


Mhoima Deva mhoima Deva tum sorgim

Glory to God, Glory to God in heaven

ani shanti tachea ixtaa sonvsari

and peace on earth to people of goodwill

Natalan lagun ... ami soglim

for Christmas we all

ektain yevun sangatam soiree dairee

come together neighbors and friends



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