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Weather in Goa: Realtime temperature, humidity and 3-day forecast for Goa  Pls  fav and share

Goa's weather and climate revolves around three  major seasons in a clockwork  precision, which has not witnessed  any deviation from its habitual pattern to give  rise to  extreme weather situation. It has remained within bounds and  span of season can be easily predicted

for its commencement and duration.

The ideal location of the State of Goa,  midway between

the Western Ghats's mountain ranges in the west and sultry

humidity ushered in by indolent breezes from the Arabian 

sea along its entire coastline in the east, has not subjected

it to any climatic cataclysm, at the most flooding of major

cities and towns due to poor drainage. We have included

a real time weather module with 3-day forecast for Goa.

you can toggle  for Centigrade or Fahrenheit.


October-January, the Winter or post Monsoon season

The  idyllic  weather season is the post monsoon

season, the winter for us, which last from October- January.

This the season that attracts the most tourists . The weather

is dry, with clear blue, azure skies. Humidity sinking low,

it is   refreshing and has  pleasant feel and   ambience

around with daytime temperature hovering around

88 F-90 F/31-32 C and nighttime mostly remaining 

steady around 65 F /18 C This weather season

encompasses the festive seasons of Diwali and

Christmas  and most favorable for visiting and enjoying

your vacation in  Goa..

February to May -the Summers or pre Monsoon season.

This idyllic  season  slowly  comes to an end when you

feel the heat, and temperature and humidity at night rising 

and reach for the Air Conditioners, it is known as

the pre monsoon phase, or summer which begins in

February  and ends with the  arrival of first showers,

a mild thunderstorm  towards  end of May.

The temperatures hover around 92F/33C during the

daytime and the night time, the starts to climb 

to 82F/28C  and the humidity is high around this time, over 75%. This is the season, fresh fruits of

Mangoes, Cashew  are everywhere, with vendors by the roadside or market places. Its is also known as mango season, the ubiquitous  fruits of the season. The school is in the recess around end of April for summer vacation.


June-September, the Monsoons


The first rains with mild crackling thunderstorm heralds the arrival of Monsoon, accompanied by refreshing breezes  and smell of parched earth in the air,  the feel of the first showers and smell of Mogras or Arabian Jasmine  flowers in full bloom casts a spell, and can be invigorating.There is sense  of urgency everywhere, the birds, the animals, its time for Monsoon, time to pack up and hunker down, Its time for parents and students to line up at bookstores for the texbooks, raincoats and the boots and excited chatter at the school of reunions and to focus on studies and new academic year again.  The temperatures hover around 86F/30F during the day and nights around 76F/24C.

The temperature along the coastline is pretty uniform, whichever season  is on, with minimum  variation.82F/28C-95F/35C

October is time for Monsoon to take a bow, showers and thunderstorms here and there but weather is still hot and balmy which  slowly eases come November and Monsoon has faded and spring is in the air.

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