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Playlist Goan Xmas Carols, view/ listen at your leisure 

We have compiled the latest Goan Christmas Carols or devotionals for your listening pleasure, without any interruption and ad free. Just play and  forget it and you have a continous stream of X'mas Carols or devotionals play one after other, vid will load in few secs 


For Playlist, vids click on the upper right hand corner bars

 Credit and courtesy to the following Artists/Producers:: 

                                 lyrics/translations  use search tool above

1   Christmas Medley- Franky Oliveiro ft Fr Seville, Steffi, Shenaya

2    Xanticho Kunvor Zolmola Fr Arvino Fernandes 

3    Bethlehemachi Vatt Konkani Christmas Carol

4    Devacho Put Zolmola Fr. Ronaldo Fernandes

5    Ntalma Somarombhum-ia Fr Ronaldo Fernandes

6     Konn Re Ballok Zolmola Andrew Ferrao ft Ash Afonso

7     Khuxal Anondborit Natalam Fr Arvino Fernandes

8     Zolmola Jezu  Friz Love

9     Zolmola Amka Ballok Jezu Fr. Ronaldo Fernandes

10     Hat Ugte Korun Neil Frazier and Other Artists

11.   Santa baby Michelle Fernandes 

12    Miss You Jessica - Neves Oliveira 

13    Natalam Khuxal Natalam Sylwester Fernandes 

14    Monovya Natalam V&V Officials 

15    Christmas Carols Gabline D'Costa 

15     Tarka Le vegim Vegim  Swizel Meva & Fr Nelson Lobo 

16.    A Christmas song -Akshada Bandekar   

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