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Zolmola Jezu (Lord Jesus Is born)

Zolmola Jezu

Zolmola Jezu ( Our Lord is born) and shared our humanity, the same birth pangs, we all have been subjected too. His was light divine, of true salvation and truer living. Xmas Song/music in the native style, a fusion of music. Credit: Friz Love

lyrics with English translation for global audience.vid will load in few secs.


Chorus :

Zolmola Jezu

Lord Jesus is born

Zolmola amcho sodvondar

Our Saviour is born

Ballka rupan Uzvadd gheun aila

In the form of child he has bringing in light

Gorabe asat amchea gavant ravta ti kallokant

there are families in our town who live in darkness

Uzvaddache die amka kor uzavdd hadunk gotabeant

the lamp lit to bring light to the families

Kallza mona amchi zalea ap suvarti

Our hearts and mind have become selfish

ravun kallki jivitant

living in darkness

Tuzo uzvadd amcher fankoi ballka jezu

your light shine on us Child Jesus

Jivit bor tujea uzvaddan

Fill our lives with your light


Adunik kallant Munis Mog kortat vostucho nhui munxeancho

In modern times Man have loved worldly goods not humankind

kurpa di amka somzunk ho vorth tujea khorea mogacho

Give us the grace to understand the value of your true love

Dubleank adar diunk piddestank buzvonn diun

help to the poor and comfort to the sick

Pettoi kallzant uzzo

to light the fire in us

Munxeakullacho mog korunk ballok jezu sonvsarant tuven zolm ghetlo

to love mankind Child Jesus you were born in this world

kalliz darun koxe tuje zale mai Kusveaantunch mhaka marunk

with cruel hearts your wished to kill me in the womb

Churchure mhojem tuven korunk na roddnem mhoje tuven aikun

you did not have mercy on me nor listen to my tears

Maria maie zolm dilo tuven

Mother Mary You gave birth

Ballka Jesuk kallji gheun

to our Child Jesus being humble

Uzvaddai mona amchi di gottai amka tuji kuxalkain burgeank zolmant haddunk

Light up our minds and give us your strength with joyfulness to give birth to children


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