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Asro di Deva (Give us refuge, O Lord)

Asro di, Deva

Asro di Deva ( give us refuge, O lord) A gentle devotional for assurance of his continuous refuge.

Original composer: Mariano Lourenco

Credit: Mariano Lourenco & His choir group.

lyrics with English translation for global audience, vid will load in few secs.



Asro di asro di, Deva,

Give us refuge, give us refuge, O Lord,

lipoi mhaka ghalun Tujeam paktteam-savlii.

hide me under the shadow of Your wings.

Tunch mhozo Bhorvanso,

You alone are my hope,

Tujeruch patietam. Dusman veddho ghalta ten´na

my trust is in you, When the enemy torments me.

vattai mhaka, Taroka.

Protect me my Savior.


Bob martam Tujea Nanvan,

I cry out to (loudly) You,

Tujê khankent ghe mhaka,

keep me in Your comforting embrace,

avoi-zoxi apleam dhaktteank

just like a mother,

palvant aplea ektthaita.

who gathers her little ones under her wings.



(not included)

Thir mhaka Tujer visvas

my faith is firm in You.

zori choltam kallokant.

Although I walk in the dark

Nirminaka mhozo vidvas

do not let my faith falter,

ailear mhojer akant.

when trouble occurs.


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