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yeo tu mhojea Anjea ( come my Angel)

 yeo tu mhojea anjea

Yeo tu mhojea anjea ( come my angel) a melodious Konkani love song, of falling in love with beautiful woman, the heart and soul aches for her, helpless for her company.

Cast :- Limbraina Pinto & Noywen Fernandes

Lyrics :- Lenoy Gomendes Vocalist :- Noywen Fernandes

snippets of lyrics for global audience, vis will load in few secs


eka mekak polloi koch

when we saw each other

poilech nodrek podlim mogan

we fell in love at first sight

kitem korchem sozmon naslem

didn't know what to do

kalzak yea uprashalem tufaan

my heart was caught in a storm

niz mog kela tuzo

I loved you truly

hanvem korea visvaxan

I have with lot of trust

eiach visvaxan ani mogan

with trust and love

jivit sarua sangatan

spend our lives together

nidlear nid podona * 2

i spend sleepless night

javonue ruchona chintum tujem

no taste for food thinking of you

monnhe mojhem lagonna

I cannot concentrate on anything

kitem korunk dishona

I don't know what to do

ghuspolam kalliz mhojem

my heart is entangled

tuje nodor podtto koch

when my gaze fell on you

kalliz mhojem khosi zatam

my heart was happy

jivo uchambol zalla

my life filled with excitement

fokot tujea mogak axeta

I ache for your love

tujea sangatam astokoch

when I am in your company

sorgar assa oshen dista

I feel like I am in heaven

sodanch oshin buenchim mogan

lets always walk together in love

tunch mhojem sukh vortata

You are my happiness alone

yeo tunch mhojea angea,

Come you're my angel

vengen rau mhojea rautam tuka

remain in my embrace I am waiting

tum fudarachem sukh

you're my future happiness

mhojea savlecho rukh

My shadows anchor

mog tuzho tum dee maka

Give me your love

tujea vinne kainch nam maka

without you I have nothing

ravtam tuka mhojea moga

I am waiting for you my love.

oh my love I'll be true to you..........

I'll be there for you,,,,,,,


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