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Gorib Ani Girest (a lament of love)

Gorib Ani Girest

Gorib ani Girest (poor and Rich) a melancholy love song

enwraps you with sadness of the break up. Of love gone astray, the darker shades of love, a dirge, a lament of love, like a mournful singing of bird on a tree missing her partner and then gathering her wings to fly again. Vocalist : Elnish Rodrigues Credit: Marvin's Production

Lyrics with English translation for global audience, vid will load in few secs.


mogan tujea poddon Dis kadta hanv roddon

falling in love with you, i a spending my days in sorrow

khallzan tujea devunk nah sarko...

love did not descend in your heart

mogachem ful tem pissudlem

you peeled the love flower

khalliz ein dukhoilem

and hurt my heart

khallzak mhujea dukhan ghatlo tor ghavo

my heart you gnashed it with wound


fudar tuzo boro zalear puro

I hope you future is bright

chandni porem sopon sogglench gellan visron

like a moon all the dreams were forgotten

sanddun maka tum kellam ekksuro

leaving me you made me alone(single)

kelli tuvem dhusmanche khoshi

you fulfilled enemy's wish

donne khalzzan zallim doshi

two hearts torn apart

khantte sogglan devun mhaka

giving me all the thorns

apnak dovorliem fullancho rashi

while you kept the flowers bouquet

adle .. ani zannviah utram ...... dorai

do not forget the wisdom of our ancestors

mog koranaram rav vishvaxi

lovers must remain trustworthy

bhatkar ani mundkar sogllech ekuch.. Dhar

the landlord and tenant have the same door

ghot dovoer motin mhuje utram

hold it fast in your mind

neggar vochunakai, dusreank fotoinakai

do not go upset, do not fool others

azun passun dilear .tuka ....

dukh mhaka bhogta chintum mog mogan korunk nah farik

I am filled with sadness that my love was not reciprocated

auvchit tum boddolam anik zallem dhusrem

suddenly you changed and became someone else

..tum ghirest ani hanv ghorib

you're rich and I am poor


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