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Rongit Kela Sonvsar Mhozo (you decorated my world)

Rongit Kela Sonvsar Mhozo

Rongit Kela Sonvsar Mhozo (you decorated my world) a special dedication to to you life partner, your spouse who has been with you through thick and thin Vocalist : Agnelo Quadros & NH17 band Credit: Agnelo & the band NH17

lyrics with English translation for global audience, vid link will load in few secs.


Mevlem mhunn mhaka dhin’vastam tuka

because I met you, I am in gratitude to you

Soronaslolo Mog Dieunk sodta sukha

the love like never before I want to give you

Tum lagim astanam, dolleamnim poitana

when you're close by and gaze at you

Dhadoskai Bhogta Jivak

I am overcome with happiness


Bhag Tum mhojea hea kallzacho

you are slice of my heart

Tum Naslear, Rikami urpacho

without you, I will be morose

Onnbhov gheta hanv Tujea Asnneacho

I will learn from your being

Rongit kela Sonvsar mhozo

you decorated my world

Magonastanam dilam tunvem sogllem

without asking, you gave everything

Axetalom, iev jitalom toxench maka mevlem

whatever I wished for in life, came true

Upkari hanv tujea hea Denneam pasot

in gratitude because for your gifts

Devan amcho fudar besanvamnim Bhorcho

May God fill our future with His blessings



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