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Dhovem Nheson (clad in white)

Dhovem Nheson

Dhovem Nheson (clad in white) Mark Revlon pulled

another one of his magical spell binding wedding special with his sonorous voice. and Congratulation to the Couple Staelence and Mercia. Credit: Mark Revlon.

Lyrics with English translation, vid link will load in few secs.


dhovem nheson kitlem sobit tuem dista

Clad in white how beautiful you look

tondar hanso noketre khosem porzzolta

the smile on your face like the glitter of stars

khalliz mhojem kitelm khosen murgoltta

my heart in happiness it blushes

vengen ghevun dadoskai bhogta

to hold in my embrace, feels happiness

Dis aiz vortata amchea khazaracho

today our day our wedding

Igorzen vocchon korar ami estapplo

Going to Church we confirmed our covenant

Deva bapan ashirvaddan bhorlear puro.................2

May Our Heavenly Father shower his blessings

Jivit sukhan sarunk voh amcho anvddo

to spend our lives in happiness this our wish

kitlle khusalkae bhogta amchea jivitan

how much happiness we feel in our lives

Ek zalim mhunne bhandpass bandhun ekvottan

we became One tying the knot together

bhass amin dillem novo ghorabo korunk

We gave our word to build a new household

Avoi bapaichem familichean bhesanv ghevun

with Mom and Dad's and families blessings

paulam ami marlam ekvaottan fuddar korun

we stepped ahead to make our future together

ekmekak dis and rath mogan bhorun ....................2

to fill each other day and night with love

sukhan dukhan ami sangatan ravunk

in joys and sorrows to remain together.


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