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Tujeach Bhaxen (Just like You)

Tujeach Bhaxen

Tujeach Bhaxen, A high voltage new gen songs for the millennials and energy overload in dance sequence. very colorful, bright, exciting and ton of energy.

credit : Feebex Coutinho Cast - Mona Fernandes, Feebex Coutinho

Tujeach Bhaxen, lyrics with translation, vid will load in few secs.


Kai boro ho dis sobit uzvadtta

how beautiful the day has dawned

rup tujem poitoch mon dhadosta

by seeing you visage, I feel happy

kalliz hem mhojem tukach axeta

My heart aches for you alone

tujea vinnem ravonk zaina

without you I cannot live


I need somebody... woah...

Don't you love me bae

wanna feel you close and you make it real

every time I dream about somebody

tujeach baxen

just like you.


sodanch tum nhojea sopnant go yeta

You always come in my dreams

anjea porim yevun tum kallzant riggta

you come like an angel and ingrained in my heart

sobit rup tujem kitlem avdichem

your beautiful visage deeply desired

dolleant poitoch tujea hanv pisso zata

Looking at your eyes I go crazy

I was waiting for all your love

looking into your eyes

I need somebody tujeach bhaxan

........................just like you


sodanch tujitch hi maka noxea

always desire for you

bostam uttam tujinch hi mhaka sopnam

while awake its you I dream about

sopnam oh..

your dreams oh

you need somebody to love ya

and i realize that i am the only one for you

for you.. No I can't let you go

I need somebody woah




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