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Piso (mad) Alcatrazz Goan band

Piso (mad)   Alcatrazz Goan

Piso (mad), an quintessential Lorna song we heard growing up

in Goa. His wife Bella made him mad ( tache okleche nhav Bella tannne Piso taka kella) Composer: Chris Perry

Cover Credit: Alcatrazz Goan Band

Booking Contact: Ph:+(91) 9822167338

snippets of lyrics with English translation, vid link will load in few secs


Amchea sezrak assa piso,

in our neighborhood there is mad man

zanah vorsam assat viso,

know he is twenty years old

Soddta mogache ulhaso,

he emanates sighs of love around

Kantar korta osho.

He sings this way


yeo, yeo, moga moga, gopant dorunk axetam tuka……2

Come, come, my love I ache to hold you in my embrace

La la la la la….h

la la la la aa….2

la la la la la …la la la la….2


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