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tujea hatan ( in your hands..Lord Jesus)

tujea hatan

Tujea hatan ( in your hands, Lord Jesus) . A trusting hymn in konkani that reposes all our trust in Our Lord, and with faith, He will deliver, sung ardently by: Diana Pearl Rodrigues Credit; Diana Pearl Rodrigues

hymn lyrics with English translation for Global audience, vid will load in few secs.


Tujea hatan jiv-prann mhozo,

In your hands my life and death

Tunch mhozo asro!

you are my refuge

jinnek mhojê Tujê vinnem

In life without you

nam xanti, nam bhorvanso.

there is no peace and trust


Jezu, Tum môg jivo,

Jesus you Love alive

omrut jivitacho;

Life's immortality

Tarôk Tum otmeacho,

the saviour of our souls

kunvôr soddvonnecho.

the Prince of freedom

Patki rochnnek Tum choloitai,

You rule the sinful Creations

Tunch mhozo Raza!

You alone are my king

kurpa kaklut upott vantt‟tai,

you share your infinite mercy and graces

deivik jivitan bhôrtai.

always fill our Lives



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