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Tem Cheddum hanslem ( ..and she smiled)

Another fast paced Konkani song with some mellifluous music and lively dance sequence

with rap bridge addition for the millennials to groove on.

credit : Artist Feebex Coutinho Cast : Larissa Rodrigues , Feebex Coutinho

rap lines /bridge

bro zala kitem,tum act korta silly

bro what has happened to you you act silly

tem cheddum tuka like zala, oh really?

that girl has liked you, Oh really?

vogot korinaka piddear vokklu gaal tujea dollear

do not waste your time, wear your glasses

Voss tachea mukar Bindass vichar

Go in front of her and ask her, don't feel shy


kitlem sobit tujem rup

how beautiful are you

poi mhaka

tujea mogan gull zalla

look, I am lost in love with you

oh Cheddva

kiteak tum sozmona

Oh Dear Girl why don't you understand

mogan tujea mhojem kalliz hem lasta

in love with you, my heart is on fire

kitlem sobit tum tuzo mog zala

how beautiful are you, I am in love with you

kalliz hem mhojem tukach axeta

this heart of mine yearns for you

kitlem sobit tum ravta uttrak tujea

how beautiful are you, I an waiting for your word

Ekuch pavtt tum sang mhaka

just once say the word

mhozo mog korta?

that you love me?


tem cheddum hanslem

the girl smiled

hanslem mhaka poitana

smiled while looking at me

tem cheddum hanslem hanslem

the girl smiled smiled while

tia rostian choltana

she walked on the road

mhozo mog tum korta tor sang gho mhaka

you do love me, tell me

tem cheddum hanslem hanslem mhaka

the girl smiled, smiled

tem cheddum hanslem

the girl smiled

chintum tujem rathchi nidd podona

thinking of you, i spent sleepless nights

monant mhojea fokot tujich hi sopnam

in my mind i dream of you alone

Mhojem kaliz hem dhadosta

my heart feels happy

jedna tum mhaka poitoch hansta

when you look at me and smile

sobit rup tujem dis raat mhojea dolleanim kelta

your visage day and night plays in my eyes


rap bridge

tem Cheddum hanslem, voi tum hanslem

the girl smiled, yes she smiled

tujea mogachem pixem mhaka lagla poi koslem

your love has driven me crazy

soglo lok mhunta mhaka pisso

everyone calls me crazy

mog zala mhaka tuzo

yes fallen in love with you

tunch got em cheddum zanem mhojea kallzak laila uzzo

koslem tension geinka bienaka hanv astana

do not worry while i am around

mhaka tujem kainch naka fokot tunch zai mhaka

I do not want anything else, just you

mog tuzo drug mhaka zala mhaka tuji noxea

itlem nokre kiteak korta mhaka dita voddli sojea



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