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Sukhi Kor Novo Ghorabo

Sukhi Kor Novo Ghorabo

Sukhi Kor Novo Ghorabo (bless the new household with happiness). A melodious Konkani wedding hymn for the Nuptials, on that blissful day. Source: Gaionancho Jhelo

Credit: Voller D'Costa

Lyrics with English translation, vid link will load in few secs.


mog-oromb to ghorabeacho

the love beginnings of new household

Devan Monxak mogan rochlo

God created man with love

korunk mog ekamekacho

to love each other

Dadlea bailek kaido ghalo

He made it a law


orpitanv, dhonia, iodn amcho

we offer Our Lord our gifts

aikun ghe tum khalti ulo

listen to our humble request

ghalun paus tuje kurpecho

to shower your graces

sukhi kor novo ghorabo

bless the new household with happiness

soimba mog dogam kallzancho

the innate love of two hearts

nirmol mog nove rochnnecho

the pure love of new creation

marun xikko sonvskarancho

to affix the seal on the world

Devan sasnnak povitr kelo

God has sanctified



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