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Konkani Masala -The 7 Notes Band

Konkani Masala -The 7 Notes Band

Konkani Masala, a lively Goan mando medley sure to energize guest at wedding or at any social events and set them in mood to dance and draw them on floor.

Credit: Myron Lucas, the 7 Notes Band, Goa

masala lyrics with English translation, vid will load in few secs.


choi choi tho render maddar choddta ...3

look look the toddy tapper is climbing the coconut Palm tree

maddar choddun... sur poi kadta

on climbing, he extracts the juice or toddy from the bark

yeo gho mandolin vazzoi moga mandolin...3

come my dear Mandolin let play the mandolin my love mandolin

ek dis eka festak oshen fokkan ghodlem

one day on the feast day, something strange happened

ferrain bhonvtalo vochhona nastana missak

I was strolling around feast fair instead of going for mass

luttin paulo eka chedva ........

in the melee I fall on girl's .......

tem lokdanche pauleam mogache prasser

yeo gho mandolin vazzoi moga mandolin....3

ago chedva kiteak tum loztai

hey Girl why are you feeling shy

bestach maka pollluen tum hanstai

looking at me you smile

mogan mhujea podlam ossen distai

it seems like you have fallen in love

kazar zattelem mista

will you get married, it seems like

mai ghe mai ghe baillan matche eao gho polle

Mother dear, please come outside

poi ghe poi ghe voh cheddo marta makha dolle

look dear, the boy is winking at me

mai mai ghe oh khazzar zaunke soddta mhuje kodde

mother dear, he wants to get married to me

nah nah ghe hanv khazzar zauchina taje kodde

No never I will not et married to him

Santoniche dongrar pakle apoita,

on St Anthony hillock the white Portuguese are calling

Etea vetea bhailank dolle modditai…2

they wink at the women passing by

Ch..Ani ede ede ede ede vhode haddache

and with their big big big beards

la la la la la la la la la la la

gollean sakli soniachi he pori konnachi....2

golden necklace around the neck, whose lovely daughter is she

are khazar zallear ei ye pori khonachi

la la la la la la la la la la

oh Goa amche oh goa amche , oh goa vortat shanti kaiechem

Oh Goa is ours ...........................Oh Goa is full of peace

oh goa amche oh goa amche voddar bossun maria kopachem

ooooo la la oola oolala


lea lea lo lea lea lo

ya ya ya maya maya

ya y a ya maya maya

ya ya maya ya ya maya


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