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Sam Fransisku Xaviera, (a Popular Goan Hymn)

Sam Fransisku Xaviera

Sam Fransisku Xaviera, This is a hymn so divine, in honor of Our Patron Saint of Goa and whole of Mother Asia. He traversed into the depths of Asia to preach the Good News He is also known as "Goencho Saib" or Lord of Goa. It wa composed, by our own son of the soil, Raimundo Floriano Feliciano Barreto (16 February 1837 – 23 July 1906) the Mestre Da Capela of the Se Cathedral, Goa.

This hymn has an interesting twist which can be gleaned from Wiki link attached below.

the gist of it was, he almost drowned carrying the funds for salary account of the clergy in the sudden storm that engulfed the river Mandovi, the bag slipped into the murky waters. Although, he survived the storm, his explanation for loss of salary funds was not good enough, a needle of suspicion hovered on him, some found it far fetched and accused him of thievery and he had to make good the Loss of salaries, which he did by selling his home.

Besides, he had another vow, he had to fulfill to the great Saint himself, who saved him from sure drowning death and listened to his panicked and fervent prayers.with promise of masterpiece of Hymn

in Saint's honor, which he did... Credit : His Voices Choir, Divar, Goa


Sam Fransisku Xaviera

Tuji kuddu Goyam Xhara

Saint Francis your relics are in Goa

Tum Jezuchea Soinika

Sodanch zoitivont kor maka

you are in the compnay of Jesus, always make me victorious

Yaitt-vignam ietat tednam

when evil manifest heads our way

Zhuzam–moddam uprastanam

when wars and storms gather

Amkam tum visrum naka

Do not forget us

Jezuchea bollvont soinika

Our Lord Jesus staunch followers


wiki for more information or background behind this masterpiece Hymn.


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