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Sopnant Dhekla ( seen you in my dreams)

Sopnant Dhekla

Sopnant Dhekla Seen in you in my dream a rhythmic Konkani love song of love and romance and lovely couple Cast: Regan Cruz & Silvia D'Silvia , Vocalist : Regan Cruz

lyrics with translation for global audience, vid will load in few secs



sobit rupnam tujem sopnam mhojea declam

your beautiful visage i have seen it in my dreams

tujhea chitnani mhonne mhojem poi sandlam

thinking of you, my mind is lost

hastea rupan mhonant mhojea khusalkai che ghor tuem bandlam

with you smiling countenance you have built a home of happiness

Polluen tuka moga mhujea kalliz hem axeta

my heart aches to see you.

sodanch tujem chintum mukammol mhojem murgotta

always thinking of you , my face blushes

khuinsor tum assai ugdaas tuzo yeta maka

wherever you are my thoughts are of you

kedna meutalem vatt tujich polluen hanv assa

I waiting for to meet you and look up the path

tujea bhogor ravonk mhojean zauchena mhunne koreach tuka sangtam

without you I want be able to live, I am telling you honestly


gopant gevunk moga mhojea tuka hanv ravtam

to hold you in my embrace, i await

tukach mhoje fudrache rani korunk soddtam

It only you I want to make you my queen

moga tujea vinnem dusrem ani naka maka

my love without you i do not want anyone else

kalliz hem mhojem hanvem bettolilem poi tem tuka

this heart of mine I have dedicated for you, yes for you

kedanch tuka soddchona mhunne mogachi bhass hanv tuka dittam

I will never leave you, I am giving you my word



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