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Sobit sunder amchem Goa

Fast paced Goan Mando or Dulpods composed and sung by Goan band.

Courtesy: Squareheads

ch::oooooh Goa, aikha sonvsaranth Nhav thujem Ghazta

………….. Your name resounds everywhere in the world

Sobit sundher Amchem Goa

Lovely and beautiful our Goa

Tujea Mogan eim Khalliz poi Lazhta

My heart is inflamed with love for you

Ooooh Goa Tujhea sobitaen thaen meutha…

…………..Your beauty refreshes us

Zhadha maddhan Nethoilam

Draped in trees and coconut palms

Sovasthae Meutha only in Goa

Peaceful feeling you receive only in Goa

Lala lala lala Viva Viva Goa.

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