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Goa Goa Viva Goa

Goa Goa Viva Goa

A lively konkani lyrics, song and composition on Goa, the beautiful. by Zia Rodrigues

original composed by DNT band Goa

lyrics with english translation , vid will load in few secs


rupnem tujem sobit mogache tum Goem Amchem sundor


your visage is lovely loved by all Goa ours, and beautiful and pristine

zaddem mollem mina

filled with trees, flowers and mines

ambe ponnase caju feni ghasta sonvsarak

mangoes, jackfruits and feni famous around the world


Xetem bhatam fullam follam assa ti sabar

fields and trees, fruits are a plenty

taria mamma doria lharar khost nusteakar

zaina korunk sor amchi girestkai

immeasurable our riches

shanti hanga sukh assa sovaskai

there is peace here and harmony

Goa Goa viva Goa Viva Goenkar

sodlear passot muenche nah goenche osllem shar

if you search for it everywhere, your will not find place like Goa

tiatre zaun songit xitt khodi amchi svadikh

whether theatres or songs, rice curry is tasty and pristine

Goem amche moladik, you're too fantastic

xitoll nittol varem sundar dongor amche bore

soggli sobistekai polluen dadhosta dolle

gazing at beauty its pleasing and satisfies the eyes



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