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Mhaka Zai Tum (I need you)

Mhaka Zai Tum

Mhaka Zai Tum ( I need you) an engaging, refreshing

love ballad " tell me.." with captivating afro beat

Lyrics, Composer, Vocalist: Alison Gonsalves

Cast: Declan Ferrao and Krystle Fernandes

lyrics with English translation for global audience tuning in, vid link will load in few secs.


sang maka muzo kitlo mog assa tuka

tell me how much love you feel for me

hanv nah zalear kitlo ugdass yeta mhozo

if I am not near how much your remember me

sang maka khoslim sopna tum sopnata,

tell me the kind of dreams you have

khoslo fuddar amka doggaink tum axeta

what kind of future you crave for us two


utram tujim kannar zattoch mhojem khalliz dodotta

when your words caress my ears, my heart beats hard

kitam tori ghodta, jivit mhojem ani kainch naka

something does happen, in my live and want nothing else

maka zai tum fokot tum, maka zai tum fokot tum *2

I want you, just you, I need you, only you

sang maka tujea khallzacho sogllem gutt

tell me all your heart's secret

.......tujea khoslai zevonnache ruch

the foods you like, ache to savor the taste

mhojea mogache kitlo assa tuka vixvas

how much faith you have in my love

tuzoch mog zai maka soddankal

your love I need always


aikonk hanv axen assa tuzo omrut tallo

I want to hear eagerly your pristine voice

sang tuzeo kanneo, khallzan mhojea hanve boroitan

tell me your story to write it in my heart


...sang mhaka


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