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Sasnnank Mhojem (Mine forever)

Sasnnank Mhojem

Sasnnank Mhojem, There is beauty in simplicity, captured magically by the wedding photographer/ videographer.

and the lyrics well crafted and sung by the groom, Roland Fernandes to his bride in rapt attention. savoring every word and yes, sorgar Cholea sangatan (lets go to heaven together), the mission.Congrats and God bless to the lovely couple Rolan & Fatima Credit to : Ramson Cardoso Production and Filming: Alvisto Studio, vid will load in few secs



the day we married

vho dis udtelo soddankal motin

this day will always remains in my mind

axon ashlo kedenai kai dis eatolo

I longed for the day to dawn

tum zateli mhoje sangatim

that you will become my companion

tujim chintalom, sopne sopnatalom

always thinking of you, dreaming of you

mhonne guspatelem, chintanm ghaltelimm khottin

sakim dis aelo Devan nirmilelo

In the end the day dawned, God had destined

.Fatima hanv gorkar tum mhoje zalli potin

Fatima, I am your husband and you are wife


Kallzan thaun hanv kushal assan jivitam

from my heart I am happy with my life

don kallzam ekateim kellim satve sacrmentam

Two hearts became on the seventh sacrament

fatima tum vortata mhuje buk and than

Fatima you are hunger and my thirst

sorgar Cholea sangatan

lets go to heaven together


poilech poilem soirangar kazarek

the first time I saw you at neighbors wedding

nodor podtoch ....hanslem

When we glanced each other , you smiled

Eklanch tuen sor tum takon aslenm daran

You were alone leaning against the door

poilech nodrek kallzan mog riglo

It was love at first sight

sopot kortolo mhujea gharak

devak sanglem, bahvartem manglam

I asked God, and in deep faith I prayed

tunch pavo kor mhojea fudarak

to make you my companion for future


potak lagon... soddun veccho podlo botear

Because of economic needs, I had to go the ship


dorean astalo ugddas khatalo

when I was at sea i was imbued with your memories

tosoch mog vaddot raulo tujea sorean

likewise my love increased

mog korta mhunn hanvem tuka sanglem

that I love you, I let you know

jivit saron jai mhuntlem tujea borein

I want to spend my life with you

27 april 2019 oie mhunn jabab dillo

On 27th April... you gave me your word

sopna zallim purein altara mukar sign marun bukar

my dream came to true with signing of the register in front of the altar

don kallzam ek kallim aslelim eksuren

two hearts became One, once we are alone and single

... Viswas assa tujear voir katele gharecher nanv

I fully trust that you will keep my household name

eka mekah somzmun vochi zallear kasleim kastanv

With understanding we'll forget our quarrels

tedan zattelem besanv

and we'll be blessed for that

mak donea devan amche ekvatecher gallen baseanv

I pray Our Heavenly Father blesses Our Union


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