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Sao Joao O'luv

Sao Joao  O'luv

The memorable refrain of Sao Joao, Sao Joao' reverberates across villages In Goa On St. John Baptist feast day. Its an engaging feast lot of merry making wearing a Koppel crown of flowers, leaves, and familiar bathing (jumping) in the well, to honor ancestral traditions. the original composition By C.ALvares singer and credit to : O'luv , lyrics with English translation, vid will load in few secs


Ami Sogle zanvoim vortoutanv, chodda tempan bhetleanv,

we all happen to be son-in-law, gathered after long time

Sao Joao-chem fest mhunnon ami mavoddea aileanv,

Because of St. John Baptist feast, we have all come to Mavoddea

Mateak him kopelam ghalun udok navonk bhair sorleanv,

wearing a crown on our heads, to bath we have come outside

Aichea dissak voddle ami nokoi khuim pauleanv.

this great day, we don't know how we arrived


Sao Joao, Sao Joao gunvta mure vatt amkam dissonam,

St.John, St John , we are astray, we cannot see the way

Aicho dis urbecho konn konnak hansonam,

today is fervent day, we don't laugh as usual

Choll-re pie-re tum illo ghe-re faleam kaim mevonam,

Come On lets drink, take a little , tomorrow you'll no get any

Oslim festam vorsak kiteak don pautti yenam.

why don't such feast does not come twice a year

Vhoddilanchea kaidea pormonem udok nataum bhaimchem,

to honor our ancestors tradition, we have to bath in the well

Khoddegant fest hem amchem mavoddechem,

It our devout and fervent feast of Mavoddea

Pondra diss alchenoi hangache bhorench ami ghavchem

for 15 days, we'll remain here and feast well

Choll atam Sao Joao vhoria maguir tem pouchem.

Lets go and carry St' John and rest we'll take care later


Zanvoim ami festak aileanv mhunn vaddeant bobau poddla,

As son-in-laws,we have come for the feast, the talk of the village

Mojea sasupain tin kouxe soro addla,

My father-in-law has brought 3 cases of Feni

Tin kuddvanchim sandnam keleant ani dukor marla,

and they have baked Sannas and broiled a piglet

Sezarchea konsu manan ponos daddla.

and neighbour Konus lady has sent jackfruits.



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