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Ruzari Saibinni (Our lady of Rosary)

Ruzari Saibinni

A heartfelt rendition, of our popular Goan hymn to Our Lady Of Rosary

Hymn Choir and Credit to : Serilda D'souza, Stecy Fernandes, Swizel D'souza, Bro. Aloysius Cabral.

hymn lyrics with translation, vid will load in few secs


Ruzari Saibinni,

Our Lady of the Rosary,

amkam ghe (ghe amkam) tujea gopant,

take us into your embrace,

lipoi tujea mantant

hide us under your robe,

amkam sanddum naka gê

do not leave us,

dusmanachea hatant!

in the hands of the enemy!

Kristanv ghorabeanchi sorgailli tum Askarinn,

You are the heavenly guardian, of a Christian home,

visvaxi Sangatinn

faithful companion,

amcheam dukhim-sukhanchi,

of our pains and our joys,

sufôll kôr amchi jinn!

make our life blessed!

Jezucho môg korunk amchea ghorabeachi as:

The yearning of our home is to love Jesus:

ho kallzancho ul´las aikun ghê, dulôb Maiê:

listen to this cry from the heart, Oh loving Mother:

sasnnak tuka dhin´vas!

We are grateful to you forever!


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