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Ratche Rath (the sleepless nights)

Ratche Rath

Ratche Rath the sleepless night in love, thinking of each other, with some graceful tango by kids another love imbued classic Credit : Lulu Fortes

lyrics with translation for global audience, vid will load in few secs.



2)Ratche rath nid podonam

chintun tujem

deep into night, sleepless night with thoughts of you Dolia mukhar dison eata tujem rupnnem

in font of my eyes, your vista lingers Ontrallar chondrim shimpdaitha sobit sanjhe

in the heaven above, the moonlight glistens Utram aikon unchambol zalam kaliz mojem

hearing your words, my heart is destressed


2)Makai aoxench ghodta ugdass tuzo kortanam

I share the same feelings, when i think of you

Upkar tuzo nialtam moga uttam bostanam

your regards I ponder while awake and resting Dolliant hea tell gallun dogain vatt poitanam Separar zalim dogain amori thi zatanam

when we are apart during the angelus

2)Sangtam juramentan mog tuzoch kela koro

let you know with vow my love for you is true Visronk bai zaunchonam dilolo fullam churo Nirmol mog dogaincho sambaula ami boro

our innocent love its better to preserve 2)Devan amchea mogar ashirwad gatliar puro

May God shower is blessings on our love. Devan amchea mogar ashirwad gatliar puro

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