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Poilo Mog (first love)

Poilo Mog

Poilo mog, the first love is indeed true love, enchanting and mellifluous duet, a konkani original love due. Vocalist/Cast: Edson Souza and Felicia Fernandes

credit: Edson Souza

lyrics with english translation for global audience, vid will load in few secs.


she ; poituch tuka poilech pauti eskolan

when i saw you for the first time

khalzan mogache tufaan upsarlem

in my heart stirred love storm

tujea dolleani dolle galtoch dislem

when i gazed into your eyes

devan mhoje passot rochlem

I felt God created for my sake


polluen evunk kalliz mhojen beatat

to look at your my heart would tremble

koxien sangunk maka kain sozmona

how to tell you, i could not figure

punn tuzo rupkar polle nastana ravunk zaina

but without seeing your visage, i could not live


poilech vellen tukach poilolo

when for the first time I saw you


tednach tujea mogan pisso zallolo

at that moment I was crazy in love with you


tujea chitnnani ako dis saro

i would spend the whole day thinking of you

devan amka sassank ek kellear puro

hopefully, God will make our dreams come true


eskolan ami sogot ravtalim

We'll wait for each other in school


punn ekach minutan ek zattalim

but we were together in a minute


tum ragar zalear tujea kushik

when you were angry, i would seat by your side

eavun hansoitalem

and make you laugh


mhujea kushik konnue bostalem

if some one else would seat

tum ragan utton voitalem

you will leave in anger

aiz dogaim ami sangat assun

today we are together

kalliz khuxen borlem

our hearts brimming with happiness


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