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Otmea Mhojea Gaion Kor (sing my soul)

Otmea Mhojea Gaion Kor

Otmea Mhojea Gaion Kor, sing my soul a song, cause the Lord Jesu resides within, a fervent konkani devotional hymn

Credit: Deep Nature band , Vocals : Velroy Fernandes

hymn lyrics with English translation.


Otmea mhojea, gaion kor,

sing my soul a song

Kuxalkaien ul`las Sodd!

breathe a sigh of joy

Mhoje bhitor jieta

within me lives

Mhozo Dev, Jivont Jezu!

My God, Risen Lord Jesus

Bhukel`lo mhozo otmo,

My starved soul

virun gel`lo jiv mhozo:

faded away my life

ailo Jezu Dev-Tarok,

along came Lord Jesus, the saviour

Apunn mhozo Prann Zalo!

He became my spirit and soul

Tanel`lem mhojem Kalliz,

my thirsty heart

Xitoll udkak ravtalem:

was awaiting for cool waters

Suske bhuicher poddlo paus,

on parched dry land fell the rain

Kalliz zalem dhadoxi!

my heart rejoiced


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