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Goemchem Saibachem Exposition

Goemchem Saibachem Exposition

Goemchem Saibachem Exposition. Its about time, this year 2024, to prepare for Once in a decade exposition of the Lord Of Goa, St Francis Xavier. with throngs of devotees from all over the world who will pay homage to our great Saint. Here Anle Barbosa with her Devotional song/hymn launches the preparation for the Exposition. Credit: Anle Barbosa.

Hymn lyrics with English translation for global audience, vis link will load in few secs.


Sokall sanze govai mhojea ontacher

from dawn to dusk your witness on my lips

mogan apurbhaien kelloitam tujem nhav

tujea vegen dhorun tuvem amka sambolai

in your embrace you have guarded us

tach passot goemkarank tujem estimation

for that reason you are held in esteem

goenchea saibha gopant tujea bhirad kella

Lord of Goa in your arms we have built our home

suroksha dheun tujer aplea gallun besanv

to give us shelter and partake of your blessings

eai vorsa dah vorsani Goem amchea saibha tujem exposition

this year, after decade we 'll have your Exposition

ozapachi tuji khud dhed mhoine passun saibha devointele altara thaun

your incorruptible body in couple of months we'll dismount your relics from the altar.

sonvsarache porza dhorson gevun eaitelim

world public will come to

bhavarte korunk aplia kallzan

to keep faith in the heart

tach khatir Goenkarachim kallzan mhonna

and for that reason Goans hearts and minds

..fukot bhorlea sontosan

are filled with joy

goenkarak tum vhodlem vhodllem dennem

for us Goans you're great blessings

favo kelle dhonia Devan

Our heavenly father favored us with

noxib amche zonne ek ek goemkarachem

it is our good fortune to each and every Goan

favo zallem amka tuzo sarko askari

that we are favored with your Protection

tujea lagin magta .. sogglem dhevun

todi goroz Goenchea saiban kelia puri

Our favors Lord Of Goa may fulfill

aiz passun saibha sambaloink dhorlia

till today Our Lord of Goa has guarded

amchea Goenkarachem ekvottache dhori

the rope of unity among Goans

vadoll moddam amcher vellim tum nivartai

Storms and tempest that come our way, you assuage

mhunne ami tuje upkari

and for that we are in gratitude

Saibha tujea vhorvim amka dhonia devan

Oh Lord with your help, Heavenly Father

kitlem vodhlem bhag kella favo

Has favored us with great sanctuary

tujea ashirvadhan pettoun dhortia

with your blessings, we light the

amchea jivitacho divo

our lamp of our lives

kallokan sandantea thitle paut amka

many a times we lose our way in darkness

tunch ek uzvaddacho Davo

You are the beam of light

hatth zoddun tuze thain magne kortanv

with folded hands we pray

bhavart ossoch uronk jivo

to keep our faith as steadfast as ever.

bhavartche porzok Goem ent bhortole

Devotees will come and throng Goa


tuzoch adharache thanka goroz assa

your help they will need

tum Saiba zaun assa podvedar

You have been their just dispenser

Pap Saiba Frannsika vontrunk dhevunk

taka polluenk ossech raavta Goenkar

the Goan are awaiting to see Pope Frances

pordesahn asslele goenkar axuen ravlea

the Goans spread our overseas are anxiously

eavun korunk tuka nomaskar

await to pay you their respect

atanch mai nettan thoire korunk zai

Now is the time to get ready

expostion borem sistine zaunk

so that the exposition will go well

tosach zatte thitle upaie ami gevunk zai

whatever help avails us, we should make use

shanitkai suseg samballunk

pordeshi soggle eupi adhikarant

the foreign public visitors

mai mogacho euvkar dhivunk

to give them a warm welcome

goenchea saibha laggin magne koria

the Lord of Goa we will seek his help

kallzan amche visvaxan bhorunk

to fill our hearts with faith

tosech bhavartle lagin maguea

viat vignem amchi nivarunk


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