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Nokre Tuje

Nokre Tuje

Nokre Tuje, (your fusses) An engrossing konkani dance song to keep you grooving. lots of rhythm and energy flow in this song.

Cast & Vocalist : Sidney Soares & Silvina lopes

Credit Shine On Band

Lyrics and translation for global audience, vid will load in few secs.


Kazarachea Matvan moje kuxik ieun boslem

under the wedding canopy you sat next to me

Poitoch tuka kalliz hem tujea mogan laslem

when i saw you heart of mine was inflamed

Nodor amchi ek zatoch tum kuch korun haslem

when I eyes met, you suddenly laughed

tednam hanv sorgar asam oxem maka dislem

I felt like i was in seventh heaven

Nachtolom ek wedding dance hatak dhorun hat

I will dance a wedding dance holding your hands

Chintalom tujea sangatak sarunk akhi rat

thinking of spending the whole night with you

I love munnlem tuvem kannar geunk nam mat

I said i love you but you did not hear it

Just forget me mhunnon maka tuvem kelo ghat

just forget me you said hurting me bad

Nokre tuje oh oh Nokre tuje

You are my first love oxem hanv muntam tum jivitacho ruk

...................................i said it so, you are my life strength

Mojea sangata jivit sar tum ditlom soglem sukh

spend your life with me, I will give you all the happiness

Ekuch utor maka somzonam havem kosli keli chuk

Just one thing I don't understand, what was my fault

Hanv chintalom tuka mhoji sanghatin korunk

I was thinking of making you my partner

Urlelem jivit tujea sagatan sarunk

remainder of my life to spend it in your company

Hat zodun maglem sangatan pavlam marunk

with folded hands i pleaded to walk beside you

Punn mhojem magnem tuvem kannar nam dhorum

But my entreaties you have not listened or given your ear


Nokre tuje oh oh Nokre tuje

Na na i love tuka munnchinam

No No I Love you I will not say

Kalliz mojem tuka diumchinam

I will not give my heart to you

Tujea utrannim hanv fotovchenam

I will not be fooled by your words

Try try till u succeed he munnecho ugdas kor

............................this saying bear in mind

True lovak substitute nam kiteak munnlam tor

there is no substitute for true love why is said?

Niz mogak dusro mog kednam zainam sor

true cannot compare to any other love

Hem darling soddach tuje gott motint dhor

this my darling keep it in your mind


Nokre tuje oh oh Nokre tuje


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