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Nachom-ia Kumpasar (Let's dance to the rhythm)

Nachom-ia Kumpasar

Nachom-ia Kumpasar ( let's dance to the beat) A high voltage performance of Goa's quintessential song that aches to dance

vocalist: Genevieve De Souza,

The Goan band: Black in White

Lyrics with English translation for global audience, vid link will load in few secs.


1 2 3 4 Nach atam amcho suru kor

1 2 3 4 let the dance begin now

(*2 ) Daughter: Kai borem band hem vazta

: The band is playing so well

Kalzak sontoss bhogta

My heart feels happy

Chedde ani cheddvam nachta,

the boys and girls are dancing

Mai makai nachonk dista,

Mom, I feel like dancing too

Mom: Ago tem tuka naka, Ago tem tuka naka,

girl its not for you, girl its not for you

D: hmmmmmmm ..Maim makai nachonk dista,

Mom,I feel like dancing too

Chorus: Um, dois, tres, quatr, Nachomia ami sogli rath

One, two, three, four Let's dance whole night


Daughter : Kai boro cheddo tho nachta

How well the boy is dancing

Pollunkui boro dista,

he looks handsome too

Makach pai tho hasta,

He keeps looking at me

Mojea mogan podla mista

He has fallen in love with me

Dad: Ago tho tuka naka, ago tho tuka naka

Girl, He is not for you, He is not for you

D: hmmmm..mojea mogan podla mista


Chorus:: Ek, don, tin chear, Nachomyea ami kumpasar

One, two, three, four Lets dance to the rhythm

Daughter: Tumi nachat kumpasaru

you'll dance to the rhythm

Maka nachonk aila bharu,

I am in mood to dance

Pai tumvui maink ghott doru

Dad you too hold Mom tight

Ami nachomea bara boru,

we'll all dance together

Chorus:Darling vegen dhorun, nachonk koria suru

Darling Hold me in the arms, let's begin dancing

D: hmmmmmm Amkam nachpacho aila atam zoru

we have got the fever to dance

Tumi nachat kumpasaru,

maca nachonk aila baru

Pai tumvui maink ghott doru

Ami nachomea bara boru,

Chorus: Darling vegen doru, nachonk koria suru

D: hmmm Anga nachpacho aila baru

Chorus : Un, dois, tres, quatr

Nachomia ami sogli rat

Dui dui dui ruba ruba, Dui dui dui ruba ruba

Dui dui dui ruba ruba, Dui dui dui ruba ruba

Dui dui dui ruba ruba, Dui dui dui ruba ruba

Dui dui dui ruba ruba, Dui dui dui ruba ruba


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