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Mog Urtolo (Love remains)

Mog Urtolo

Mog Urtolo ( Love remains) an exquisite love ballad and

a surely a classic and wedding special to grace our beautiful weddings.

vocalist/composer: Princeton Colaco credit: Princeton Colaco.

Lyrics with English translation for Global audience, vid will load in few secs .


Sang tuji Kanni

tell me your story

Mhoji sangtam tuka

I will tell you mine

Ulovum-ia dolleamnim

let our eyes speak

Kainch bhienastanam

without any fear

Mollbantlea kallokhant

the darkness in the sky

Zaunchim surianchim kirnnam

will shine with sun rays

Ekamekak somzun

discerning each other

Ravchim ekvottan

We'll remain together

Pre-Chorus :

Dor mhaka

hold me

Soddun di sogllim Chintnam

leave all your worries behind

Jivitachim Pavlam marum-ia ami nachtana

let's take our life footsteps while dancing


Vengent astanam

In your arms

Mon hem savronam

mind cannot comprehend.

Dolleant tujea dista fuddar

in your eyes I see the future

Ekvott astanam

with our Union

Buniad hi halchinam

our cornerstone will not shake

Mog urtolo

love remains

Amcho sasnnak

for our eternity

Pet'telim noketram

the night lit up with stars

Doriant zaitem moll

the sea in upheaval

Uchamboll kalliz hem

this heart in turmoil

Tujea mogan bor

filled with your love

Tum Za mhoji savlli

You be my shadow

Havn zata tujem boll

I will be your energy

Painem hem khoxechem

a cradle of happiness

Dolea jivit bhor

we will sway it for life

Pre-Ch :



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