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Mhojea Jezu I love you

Mhojea Jezu I love you

A Konkani Hymn but more of a devotional song, for the Lenten season, and asking for Our Lord's forgiveness for going astray and envying the worldly goods and instead of His path to heaven.

credit to Filipe Dias and singer: Celeste Pereira

lyrics with English translation, vid will load in few secs.


Mhojea Jezu I love you

My Jesus…..

Kallzant thaen hanv muntha

From the depths of my heart, I say

Sogglim paktam bhogos

Forgive all my sins

Jezu Mhojea tujea thaem magtaum

My Jesus I pray to you.

Mhojea Jezu I am sorry

My Jesus I am sorry

Patkancher hanv dukh dortam

I am contrite with my sins

Ani kaltea kallzant Jezu mhojea bhogsonam magtaum

And with humble heart I ask for forgiveness


Dhi maka bhogsona Jezu dhi tujhe shanti

Give me your forgivness, give me your peace

Kor kalliz nittole Jezu

Make my heart pure, Jesus

Bettoitant atmo mogach

I dedicate my soul

Tunch Jezu vatt sorginche

You are the true path to heaven

Moga jezu I love you

My Jesus, I love you

Dhor maka tujhea gopant

Hold me in your embrace

Sonvasream vostou bullon

The world goods deceive me

visron .tuka ….

I forgot you

Jezu I am sorry

Jesus ……..

Tople khantte tujea kallzant

I pierced your heart with thorns

Utor tujea aikonk nah, kaida paddunk nah

I have not listned to your words, your laws I have not followed

Hanvem jivitam

In my life


Mhojea jezu I love you,

My Jesus…….

tuvem mhojo kitlo mog kello

How much have you loved us

Amchea patkam passot Jezo mhojea

And for our sins you died

tum kursar mello

On a cross

Mhojea Jezu I am sorry

My Jesus , I am sorry

Hanvem tuka trag kello , Novem Jivit tuvem dillem

I have offended you, you gave me new life

Mogan saron Jezu tujo Mog zavoi

To live in love, I need your love….



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