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Mhojea Deva tum Sorv Boro

My God you're eternally good

Mojhea Deva tuem sorv boro, rochnaar mhozo dhoni Koro

My God you are eternally good, you created me and you're my true Lord

Soghlya kalzhan mog tuzo, hanven sodanche korunk favo

With all my heart my love for you, I always will


Deva toojhea Mogaak lagthan,

My God your love I seek

khaaliz mojhem tuka dithan (2)

My heart I offer you

Kithlo mozho moghu keloi,

How much you loved me

maka rochloi maka posloi

You created me and then you adopted me

Ekh ekh mozho apraad sosloi, yemkondanthlo makha rakloi

My every offense you suffered, and you stopped me from descending into hell

Tujhea rogthaan, tujhea maashaan, makha posthai vodhea moghaan

With your blood and with you flesh you oversee me with love

Mojhea kaatir khursaar meloi, sorghar daiji maka keloi

For my sake you died on a cross, and opened heaven for me.


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