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Matiechem bhangar korunk

Matiechem bhangar korunk

Matiechem bhangar korunk, a soft melodious konkani hymn to change our lives to that of Our Lord Jesus. Credit: EFG- the Siblings

hymn lyrics with translation, vid will load in few secs


Matiechem bhangar korunk

xoktai Tum ekach utran.

With only one


You are capable of changing mud into gold.

Mati dhull amchem jinnem:

Our life which is mud and dust:

bhangar kôr Povitr Atmean!

change it to gold, O Holy Spirit !


Doiall Bapa, bhoktiponnan

Benevolent Father, with Your Holiness

.kirkoll holkea jivitachem

we offer to our empty lives

Tuka vôptanv amchem vordan.

we offer to You,

Tuzo Put, jivont Jezu,

Resurrected Jesus, Your Son,

omolik bhangar amchem:

our precious gold:

amchi jinn bodlun atam

to changes in our lives, now!

Jezuchem jivit zaunchem!

should be The life of Jesus


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