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Kallzam Amchim Mogan Bhorlim

Kallzam Amchim

Kallzam Amchim Mogan Bhorlim, An heartfelt

Konkani love duet on their wedding day and for their first dance, this time the couple sing together for each other.

lyrics & translation for world wide Audience.

Congrats and God Bless!! to Myron & Queency Credit to Pio Agnelo Fernandes, vid will load in few secs



tuitionak ami vettalim ekach bankar bostalim

We used to go tuition, and we would sit on the same bench

mosteponne kortalim chavoitalim zogotallim

we used to be playful, tease and fight


vorsan ossainch soron gellim

and years went by in the same way

zogdim mogan bodolim

our fights turned to love

zanvaen ami vaddlim

we became wise

kallzan amchim mogan bhorlim

Our hearts were filled with love


bhurgaponaelo mog amcho

Our childhood love

lipoen ami dhovorlo

we kept a secret

haddkodeo ailo sabar

many troubles came by

puro korun sangat meulo

in the end we fulfilled our Union


fuddarak kiteam zaun

whatever happens in future

doshi zaunchi nui nichoi kello

we will never break apart, we promised

noxibant bhas ailelo

Our fate came together

dis aicho amcho udelo

today the day finally dawned


survatine novem jinneachim

a new life begins

khusalkai amchea mogachi

the bliss of our love

ekvottan ravon ami

to remain together

xevott melim jiveunchim

till we die we will live


zaddachem uddam aslear

when the tree is deep rooted

konnachen thaen aloi zauchenam

no-one can twist it

ghorachi bunaid muzbot aslear

when our house foundation is strong

tem kedanch koshron podachenam

it will never fall in tatters

tuzo muzo mog ghot aslear

when our love is strong

tisro bhior sobhchonam

another person cannot come in between

visvaxan roilelem rukar follem zallear rauchnam

to plant the tree with faith, it will always bear fruits



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