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Juliana Konkani song

 Juliana Konkani song

Juliana, a heart throbbing Konkani love song, with fast rhythmic beat, a handsome couple with a scenic backdrop to mesmerize and popular especially with the millennials Credit to Friz Love Juliana

lyrics with translation, vid will load in few secs


Kuxemonan asat eka mekachea Mogan

with happy minds, in love with each other

Gopant vell sarunk axeta sangatan

crave to spend time in your embrace

Kednach doxi zaunk diuchi nhui sasnak hoi sasnak

I will never let us be apart forever , yes forever

Tum mhojem sukh tum mhojea jivitachi axa

you're my happiness and you are my life's desire

Porzollit sokalchi sureachi tum kirna

like a radiant sunlit rays in the morning

Kuxalkai hadtta jivitant mhojea tum moga

you bring happiness to my life,you my love

Mog kedna hansoita tor

kedna rodoita pun

Love sometimes laughs, love sometimes cries

Mog tujo zalla mhaka

I am in love with you

Rup tujea anjeache kalliz tem mogache

Your visage of an angel, your heart of love

Moga hanv tujo Mog korta

My love, in love with you


: Juliana tum mhoje Ranni hanv tujo raja

Juliana your my queen and I am your king

Mog tujo mhojo katteani gulab fulta toso

Our love for each other blooms like rosebud among the thorns

Dongai sangatan cholia mogacho rosto katteancho

the two of us, let's take the path of love filled with thorns

Tuje nahnv juliana kallzant mhojea tem kanttoila

your name Julaina is engraved in my heart

Devan mhaka tuka kela mhojea noxibant tuka rochla

God has created the two of us and destined you for me


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