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Gopant Ravlim Tujea (in your arms, forever)

Gopant Ravlim Tujea

Gopant Ravlim Tujea (in your arms, I remain) an original melodious Konkani love ballad especially composed for Norton & Anisha's wedding on their blissful day by the well known The 7 Notes Band

Vocalist Myron Lucas Ft. Shannon Stacey Sequeira. Lyrics & Composer: Myron Lucas.

Credit: The 7 Notes Band. For Bookings Contact:- 7875148456 / 95454 01740

lyrics snippets with translation for our global audience, vid will load in few secs


refrain; Khalzzant rigolio mhojea

............... gopant ravlim tujea


nah tujea vinnem sukh maka

without you there is no peace

nah tujea sarkam rupnem dusrem

without you there is no visage like yours

nah mhojea jivitan khuslkai

without you there is no happiness

moga tujea vinnem

my love without you

moga purem zallem sopon

my love my dreams are fulfilled

moga mogan ami ravon

my love remaining in love

sangatan saria jivit eusor amche moron

remain together till we die

moga maka gott dhor gopant

my love hold me in your embrace

voir sorgar chondrim noketram

up above in heaven, stars and the moon

sukha dukhan fudo korchi

in joy and sorrows we'll fight together

ek korun amchi khalzan

our heart bound as one

estolan korun mhojem getlem

tie their knots you became mine

hat dhorun hatak

holding hands together

bhass deun tuka

giving my word

sassank ami dogainim zodlo korar

we fulfilled our eternal covenant



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