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Goan mando dance Natalam Ratrik

Natalam Ratrik

Goa's traditional mando, " Natalam Ratrik"on "Christmas Night" the songs, the dances like before are still popular among the elites in Goa .

dulpods follow the mandos, rhythms and tempo are fast paced, exciting and lively.

Courtesy: Goychim Lharam


Nodor poddli Natalam ratrik,

My gaze fell on you on Christmas Night

Boison Misak tuje kuxiko

when I sat next to you for Christsmas Mass

Mog zolmolo kallzam-gottheant,

Love was born in the our hearts manger

Pettlem noketr tujea dolleant.

A star shone in your eyes

Moga agttem pettlam kallzant,

Love inflammed in our hearts

Ek zaum-ia satvea sakramentant.

Our union fulfilled the Seventh sacrament

Kallzak kallzam sodanch bhettlim,

the hearts dedicated to each other

Voranch' voram jardinant sarlim.

Hours and hours spent in thr Garden

Tunch mugelem satisfacao,

You are my satisfaction

Tuj ' vinnem kallzak fugacao.

without you heart suffocates

Mama papa manddta firiad,

Mom and dad are against (Complain)

Kallzam korunk amch' separad.

try to seperate our two hearts

Porva na mhak' addR1ellianchi,

But I do not care ...

Ranni turn mhoj , jivitachi.

You are the queen of my heart


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