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Poilo Mog Mhozo (my first love)

Poilo Mog Mhozo

Poilo Mog Mhozo (my first love) A hauntingly beautiful song, simmers with poignancy with natural portrayal or acting of heart break and lost love, who hasn't loved for the first time and lost? of memories that never fade, etched forever in the depths of our souls.

Cast: Benzer Fernandes, Lyn Credit: Club Palmeira, CP entertainment

lyrics with English translation, vid link will load in few secs



jivitant tum poilo mog mhozo

in my life your were my first love

axhello zaunk tuzo

desired to be yours

khalzzan kantoilo rupkar tuzo

in my heart was pierced your visage

aiz passun visro nezzo

I cannot forget even now

Devan nirmin nah ekvott amcho

God did not bless our union

fokot pois.. eh urlem

we remained apart

ugdass eaita bhurgea ponnacho

memories linger of my childhood

soddunk tuka hanv eaitalom

I used to come looking for you.

poileach pauti tuka deklam

when I first saw you

tedna thaen tum mhojea monnhant riglem

since then you were transfixed in my mind

apoun fuden I love you muntlem

I called you out and said I love you

tum aikon ozzap zallem

hearing it, it took your breathe away

toddach dis sangatam bhovan marlem

we dated for few days

.fatti soronk nah uttor ghatllem..

I did not hesitate to say

aiz dusreashi kazar zallen

but now you married someone else

eksurponne maka dillem

and you gave me loneliness


todach dis ek maekak meulim

for few days we were shared our company

sangatan bhovon ghellim

we wandered together

baga... calangute paulim

we reached the Baga and Calangute

praiacher bosson ravlim

and we whiled our time lounging on the beach

khalzzan bhirant tuka asli zaite

in your heart there was lot of anxiety

torue porva nah kelli

yet it did not bother you

mhojea sangatan tum bhonvtai mhunnon

because you were dating me

mai bhavache utram ghettlim

you heard some harsh words from mom and brother

polluen sobit distalem rupan

you were graced with beauty

tosoch chondrim zogzatlo kuppan

like moon shining among the clouds

ghanvche chedda poddon sodi mogan

the village boys wished to fall in love with you

.tuven care korunk nah .......

you did not care

soirek kitleo eatalio nettan

you received lot of proposals

hanveu poddlon tujea mogan

and I too fell in love with you

aiz passun ugdass assa monahant

till now I still remember



sekhin moga tum zallem khazar

in the end you gotten married

soddanch hanv ravtolom ankwar

and I will always remain single

........nauro kello toir

they searched a groom for you

kitem zallear hanv ghorib zallear

does it matter if I am poor

dukh bokhta ugdass kellear

It hurts to think about it

dukhan vanvta eai pollear

tears rolled down the cheek

visronk zaina tuka kitench kellear

I cannot forget you, howsoever I try

kedna zap kor fuden meuliar

chat with me when we meet

ravtam tuka azzun ravtam

I am still waiting for you

kuensor tum assai moga

where are you my love

vaitte tuka hanv maggo nah

I do not pray bad for you

devan feliz korun tuka

Hope God will keep you happy

kednai gavan mevo torr maka

when you meet me sometimes in the village


azzun passun tuzo mog maka

even now I still love you

sodanch ravtolom tuka

I will always wait for you

tum chuklem mhunn hanv chuklo kai zaite maka somzonna

whether you made a mistake or its me at fault I cannot understand

kitloi mog hanv kello toru to tem tuka ghodlem nah

how deeply I loved you yet you did not feel it

dis rath hanv phonar ulloie

day and night we talked over the phone

munta kiteeak apleak sanggok nah

you say why I didn't tell you

tum dusreak utor dittlem mhunnon

that you will give your word to someone else

hanvem sopnant chintuk nah

I never dreamt it would happen

nimneh utraam tuzi aiz ponn assa monnant

your last words are still in my mind

Please mhuji vatt tum sodd anik eai naka fatlean

Please leave my path and do not follow me

naureak utor hanvem dillam

I have given my world to my fiancé

khazar assa todia dissan

the wedding is scheduled in few days

ek utor mhoje dorr monnant

just remember on thing

azzun tuzo mog mhujea khalzzan

I still love you in heart.



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