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Don Kallzam (Sontos Bhogta)

Don Kallzam

Don Kallzam, heartbeats of a love song. when two hearts

beat as One. soothing voice and credit to: Chalsie movie: Amchem Noxib original singer: Molly

lyrics with English translation for world wide audience

vid will load in few secs


Don kallzam astoch ekech baxen,

when two hearts remain as one

Sontos bhogta dusrech baxen,

happiness you feel of different kind

Kalliz konnak rauta zait axen,

for someone the heart aches

Murgotta umedin vhoi khuxen,

it blushes, yes with happiness

Mogacho korinezo vantte,

love cannot be in pieces

katrunk zainam kitle fantte,

slice it into many parts

Mog urtolo tho toplear kantte,

Love remains even when pierced with thorns

Poi nam to konn kudd'dde konn thontte,

It does not see whether blind o lame.


---Sukh bhogta voi mogan, kedna astai ragan,

peaceful feelings, yes in love, sometimes in anger

Mog uloita lagan, dhorunk gopan,

love speaks coaxes , holds in embrace

Kallzan kalliz doddta, hordeant bitor uddta,

heart flutters, flies underneath the chest

Hem fokot mog kornaram modem ghoddta,

this only happens for those who love


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