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Rock N Roll Konkani song by Lorenzo

Rock N Roll   Konkani song

Rock N Roll Konkani Song, from the coffers of Our

vast repertoire of songs and music, this is one more classic to listen, the modernity and and era gone by set to an invigorating music. Original singer: Lorenzo D' Souza and the legendary composer: Chris Perry

credit: Lee It's all about Music.

lyrics with English translation for global audience, vid will load in few secs


rock rock rock N Roll

rock rock rock N Roll

adlea tempar kai bore amchee asle re dance ...foxtrot... rumba..zantte nentte

in olden days how good were our dances ...........

antachea bhurgeank polluenk eaita mhaka hanso

nowadays when I look at he kids, I feel like laughing

circusantlea makdam bhasen vaddoita kenso

like Circus monkeys they grow their hair


magir Mhunta

and then they say

rock rock rock rock bestim bhenda alloitat

rock rock rock rock and for no reason, they sway their waist

khoslo re dance te giddgem bhasen pakte fuloita

what kind of dance, like the falcons they raise their wings

kitem re baba rock rock dista motoram choloitai

what's this guys rock rock looks they are driving a car

kitem kortai konn zhanna modem nachtana lightue paloitai

who knows what they are doing, they switch off the lights while dancing

adlea dance khazaracho tho pollune kai borem disso

the wedding dances in the olden days, how elegant it looked

chedda cheddum zantim bhurgim morriadin nesso

guys, gals, elderly kids dressed decently

respetane eaun ap aplea khoddelen bosso

respectfully, they would come and sit in their respective chair

atanche chedda chevddam marta tapot dhumti charracho..

nowadays the boys and girls slap each other and snuff


adlea tempar maim paik bhivonne dis ami khaddi

in olden times we spend our days afraid of mom and dad

vhankde kitem amche zaite thor fattir poddo bhodi

if there was any wrong doing, a stick would land on our backs

atanche ..bholsan mure ghanjenche puri

nowadays they carry in the pockets ganjas cookies

parvan tanchea bhurgeank tondar dampta te bhidi

their families smoke biddies on their face



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