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Devak Vakhanu-ia ( let's Praise God)

Devak Vakhanu-ia

Devak Vakhanu-ia ( Lets praise Lord God) a reverent hymn singing praises of Our Heavenly Father who created this beautiful world and everything in it. Awarded the best song by Theater Academy of Goa. Best vocalist : Trudy Luis, Credit: Franky Paroda.

lyrics with translation for global audience, vid will load in few secs


Devan oh Sobit sonvsar rochun

God created this beautiful world

aple sarki thani monis rochlo

and created humans in his image

Porzak devan koria mogan mog kello

God loved his people unconditionally

eklech putak amca dillo

he gave us his only begotten son for us

Jezu Christ sonvsaran ailo

Jesus Christ came into this world

munisponnache bas gavun jiallo

He lived like us humans

papachi koshi korun tho raji zallo

He agreed to fulfill his father will

kursa sonsun kurshar mello

He suffered agony on cross and died

dekun ami argam devak dinvu-ia

so let us praise the Lord God

dekun devak ami dinvasu-ia

lets us thank our Lord God

tahchin boreponne ami monnat haddu-ia

lets us recollet his goodness

ani devak vakhunn-ia

and let us praise the Lord God

Devan rochni thor ek zhaddan

God created variety of trees

zhaddan thia pormollit fulam

on tree bloomed fragrant flowers

fulam uddeshin zhaddank picli ruchik follan

flowers developed into tasty fruits

kavun khusal munshea kuddan

and human were happy being nourished by the fruits

zaddan sontos zaalim ranna

the trees multiplied into forests

mezunk zaina thitlem zhaddak panna

numerous leaves on the trees

suknneche pillan zonvran thachin Denne

chicks and animals are his gifts

Dev munnsacheo kurpe zanna

God is aware of human needs


Devan aplia utran uzvadd kello

God with his word "there was light"

thachea utran dis and rath zallo

and with his word there was day and night

disacho surya nd ratcho chondrim

during the day there is sun and at night moon

amca dillo

He gave us

Devacho uzvadd munsheak paullo

the light of God reached the humans

devan sonvsarak varro dadllo

God sent air on earth

thosoch tho udkacho zorro zodlo

Also the fountain of water

devachi denni gavun munnish voir chodllo

and humans grew with the aid of this gifts

devacher upkar amcher voddlo

God's great favor


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